Just Another Space is a shared studio office concept in the heart of Nakameguro, Tokyo. 

shootings, exhibitions, receptions, lessons, lectures, SPECIAL EVENTS AND MORE.











Fujiya Building 3F, Kamimeguro 1-3-9, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Mon-Fri 10am–18pm

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Please read through our Terms and Conditions page before making a submission.

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Call 03-6412-8182 or send an email to info@justanotherspace.com 

■ Space  

Group/User are to return the space to original state, prior to usage..

 In the event of damage to the space or equipment, the Group/User is fully liable and agrees to pay the monetary damage caused in full, subsequent to the incident within 28 days.

Just Another Agency Inc. is not liable for any loss or damage of any items brought by the event host or its guests.

No smoking, drinking or eating are allowed at the entrance or in the building except the rental space to limit disturbance for the surrounding neighbors.

Bathrooms and hallways are not available for shootings, unless explicitly discussed.

The Minimum rental hours for shootings are 3 hours.

The operating hours are from 10am to 7pm.

If additional hours are required, we will add a surcharge to the rental fee.

For the use of strobe lights and high electricity we have a surcharge of ¥5,000.

After usage of space, all equipment and garbage will have to be taken away from the venue.

For disposal of garbage, we will charge ¥500 per 45L bag.


■  Payment

-All balances must be payable to Just Another Agency by the due date and to be paid in cash or bank transfer.


■  Cancellation

-If the Group/User cancels this agreement, the following cancellation fee may be incurred.

For Shootings

8 days or more before the event ... ¥0

2 - 7 days before the event ... 50% of payment of the rental agreement

The day before/on the event ... full payment of the rental agreement

For Exhibitions

31 days or more before the event ... ¥0

15 - 30 days before the event ... 30% of payment of the rental agreement

2 - 14 days before the event ... 70% of payment of the rental agreement

The day before/on the event ... full payment of the rental agreement